Open Access American FactFinder


American Factfinder is an interactive, searchable database from the US Census Bureau that is used to find population, housing, and business statistics. Through American FactFinder you can view, print, and/or download census data.

General Search and Tutorials

Leads to:
· 2000 Census of Population and Housing,
· Selected statistics from the 1990 Census of Population and Housing.
· The Population Estimates program that updates numbers of inhabitants annually.
· The American Community Survey, a data series that if fully implemented will update detailed socioeconomic data far more regularly than ten year intervals.
· 1997 and 2002 Economic Censuses.

Dates Covered

1990 and 2000 Censuses of Population and Housing
· Population Estimates program-2000+
· American Community Survey-1996+
· 1997 and 2002 Economic Censuses

Print Counterpart

Census of Population and Housing - Links to PDF copies of publications from the 1790-1890 censuses, and the 1990 and 2000 censuses.

Related Databases

· American Community Survey (U.S. Bureau of the Census) - The American Community Survey (ACS), if funded by Congress, will replace much of the information collected every 10 years on the decennial census with more current updates. Do not confuse 2000 American Community Survey with the 2000 decennial census. The experimental 2000 ACS, which covers very limited geographies, compares statistics collected in that survey to the traditional census.

· Census 2000 Demographic Profiles (U.S. Bureau of the Census) - Retrieve 4 page profiles in pdf format for the nation, states, cities, and towns.

· County and City Data Books (University of Virginia) - Provides access to the 1988, 1994, and 2000 County and City Data Books in a database. The Bureau of the Census offers the 2000 edition in pdf format. Consult the library catalog for copies of the earliest versions published since 1947.

· Historical Census Browser (University of Virginia) - Retrieve selected historical census statistics covering 1790-1960 for the nation, states, and counties.

· State & County QuickFacts (U.S. Bureau of the Census) - Retrieve population and economic statistics for the nation, states, and counties.

Access Notes

This database is freely available to the general public via the Internet.