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LexisNexis Academic provides full-text articles and reports from more than 6,000 magazines, newspapers, wire services, legal resources, reference books, and government publications from around the world. To browse the list of available titles refer to the Lexis-Nexis Report Selection page.

LexisNexis Academic consists of five major segments, described below:

News Library
News stories and articles from magazines, newspapers, wire services, legal resources, and specialized newsletters, with strong international coverage. Also provides broadcast transcripts from popular radio and television news/interview programs. Full-text of New York Times from 1980 to present.

Legal Library
Massive collection of federal and state laws, regulations, and court cases, together with law review articles, legal commentary, tax advisory services, U.S. patents, and European Community law.

Business Library
Business news, company profiles, financial statements, bankruptcy reports, accounting pronouncements, investment analysis, business directories, and more.

Reference Library
Biographies, country profiles, quotation dictionaries, public opinion polls, and the World Almanac.

Medical Library
Specialized medical and pharmaceutical newsletters, including the F.D.C. Pink Sheet.

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Dates Covered

Coverage varies by periodical, but can extend as far back as 1975. Updated daily.

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No print counterpart.

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